Friday, 11 March 2011


After looking at shop window designs i came across designer Zoe Bradley and was very pleasantly surprised. Zoe's work specialises in paper design and structure and she uses her skills in a number of different and exciting ways. Below is a photo taken of a shop window she designed for Tiffany & Co. Along with a series of others like this, she created very delicate and fairytale like scenes using a combination of cut out pieces, layered and hung. I chose this picture as an example because I think the way she framed the overall image with the bare branches is very effective.

The second picture is a window designed for The White Company, using the pleated paper as an example of flowing fabric. This image seemed very relevant as the folded pages are reminiscent of the skills we used in our last workshop. It goes to show how something so simple as a few folds on a piece of a4 can come together to create such a complex design.

Further examples of Zoe's work. Love the paper roses in the second photo, and the overall design.
This image was taken of a window designed for a paper shop, how relevant.

The final images I've included from her portfolio are these editorial photos of headdress designs. The reason I think these are so effective is down to the fact that she's given the paper a fabric like appeal. Without knowing before hand that they are sculpted from paper, you could easily mistake them with a different softer material, taking away the crisp and rigid restraints paper provides.

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