Friday, 11 March 2011


To create a sculpture for my poster design I wanted to develop on from the work I created for my final piece for task one. Using the idea of an ariel, and sphere like sculpture I wanted to create a similar piece but this time including images and information cut into the piece with relevance to GFSmith Paper and their upcoming exhibition. I began looking on the website to identify the different forms of paper they provide and this gave me an idea to incorporate into the design the different ways the paper provided by GFSmith Paper could be used.

Visually I thought the design that looked best were of an envelope, paper crane, postcard, greetings card, paper plane and book. Below you can see the 6 different designs.

(I have no idea why blogger hates me an has turned most of them the wrong way! There are also a million pictures it refused to upload, so the ones below are the only ones that worked. DONT UNDERSTAND)

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