Monday, 14 March 2011


I decided on this piece as my final design. I just thought that the simplicity of the composition was more striking and to the point then any of the other work I've produced and I liked that the imperfections of the weaved square and the cut out letters are are visible, showing that they are made my human hands, simply with paper and a scalpel.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Final 3 poster designs

Here are my final three choices for my final poster design.

Tree Weave

Developing on the idea of weaving I decided to try to use each square as a pixel to draw an image. To do this I had to draw the image on squared paper and then follow the design with the weaves. And fitting to the brief with the idea of paper, I decided to draw a lovely little tree.

It's tricker than it looks but eventually I ended up with this little gem.
Apart from the fact it looks like a child created this, I still quite like the effect, especially how even though I've only used two different colours and shades, the pleating has given the impression of shadow in particular areas making it look like there is a range of shades used.


After deciding not to use the sculpture in my final poster I continued using the coloured paper to work on a simple design I could use instead. The way Jen Stark creates such dynamic mixtures of colours and repeat pattern from such simple shapes gave me the idea to try weaving different coloured strands together.

At first I just decided to start weaving a block together but then I decided it would be nice to focus more on the link between the composition I'm creating and the brief for the poster, so quite simply I decided to create a block of different colours made up from 100 squares for the 100 years of the company.

Paper Sculpture

After completing the sculpture I went about trying to photograph it in a way which could be used as the main image of my poster. I didn't want to add anything to the poster, which is why I designed the piece with all of the necessary information already carved into a section, however it proved very difficult to photograph the sculpture creativly without neglecting the text.

At first I attempted to photograph the piece while it was moving

I really liked how the text doubled up, almost like a shadow but realistically this tecnique was getting me nowhere.

Using the studio space at uni I attempted to photograph again, taking advantage of the lighting and background oppertunities.

I do like these shots but I didn't feel like the text is ever all that clear. I decided to continue trying to photograph it at home.

I do like some of the photos taken but for some reason I didn't really take to any of the photos to use as a poster so I decided to take the project in another direction.

Friday, 11 March 2011


To create a sculpture for my poster design I wanted to develop on from the work I created for my final piece for task one. Using the idea of an ariel, and sphere like sculpture I wanted to create a similar piece but this time including images and information cut into the piece with relevance to GFSmith Paper and their upcoming exhibition. I began looking on the website to identify the different forms of paper they provide and this gave me an idea to incorporate into the design the different ways the paper provided by GFSmith Paper could be used.

Visually I thought the design that looked best were of an envelope, paper crane, postcard, greetings card, paper plane and book. Below you can see the 6 different designs.

(I have no idea why blogger hates me an has turned most of them the wrong way! There are also a million pictures it refused to upload, so the ones below are the only ones that worked. DONT UNDERSTAND)

Initial Poster Experimentation

After looking at Jen Stork's work I was inspired to experiment with coloured paper and simple shapes. I decided I wanted to keep the poster quite simple so as you can see, that's the vibe I was going for. I wanted the design to very obviously just look like cut out paper.