Friday, 11 March 2011


Really enjoyed our third workshop, this time learning a bit more about how to construct a 3D piece. Richard showed us how to use different shapes (in this case triangles) to attach together to create a 3D composition.
Inspired straight away I began creating the individual sections but I also wanted to incorporate further design so I began to cut into each piece much like I did with the last idea.

I continued creating the pieces at home and eventually I was left with my final spherical shape shown below. I attached the pieces together with staples which proved quite difficult due to the shape of the stapler and the the object and then hung it from my ceiling with a piece of thread.

I intend to photograph these again to emphasize the shadows created.

Here you can see my second attempt, this time I tried to create a larger scale more complicated design with diamond shape cut outs, however I didn't think it came out quite as impressive as I'd hoped. The second image shows the ball with either sides pushed in as if inverted, it gave the object a tyre like shape and the pressure that exerted on each piece due to changing its natural form, manipulated each individual section.

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