Friday, 11 March 2011


After the first workshop with Richard Sweeny and looking more closely at a wider range of his work and sketchbooks up close I decided to continue experimenting with paper at home, using some of the skills we'd been taught. I then photographed a few creations which are shown below, using plastic light filters to emphasise shadow and the shape of each piece.

The first piece shown here is in response to the style I was using in the workshop, using sliced strands of paper to create curves in almost rib like patterned cages.

I really like the shadows created here, which is strange because they look like spider legs.

This next image shows a skill of scoring the paper to create almost wave like manipulation. Took me a while to learn not to apply so much pressure and to stop myself from cutting straight through each time.

Whilst experimenting I decided to try and create a piece that would slot together to create mini structures so to do this I created mini triangular shapes and cut slits into each side, and simply pieced them together.

The way I pieced the sections together was supposed to reflect the structure of a flower, with a middle section, petals poiting up and out and leaves drooping down.

After creating a few different pieces I was left with the scrap paper of cut off and decided to try to make the most of them. I thought the big gaps of shape would create interesting shadows.

Another composition I created was a made simply by cutting right angles into a piece of A5. Then using a single staple I attached the two sides together.

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