Friday, 11 March 2011


When looking for further inspiration, and after looking at various illustrative designs using paper I started to look at some of the photos I had taken whilst walking around Sheffield in search of primary research. One idea that remained in my head was to incorporate birds in my designs. And when visiting The Moor, the pictures below demonstrate why I decided to push the idea.

First of course, pigeons! There are quite often little flocks like this wondering around everywhere, I know most people hate pigeons, but I quite like the little guys.

Also at the moment on The Moor there is a mini exhibition set up by The Natural History Museum. The exhibition is a collection of stunning photos taken of wildlife from around the world, a number of these focusing on different species of bird. Below are a few photos taken on my mobile of some of the displays.

I've also included here an image of a Fishing Bat because the photo beautifully shows the different positions of flight.

I also purchased a few of the images on postcards from inside the shop, however the aspect of the exhibition that really inspired me to focus on birds was the hut itself.

Above we have the side of the hut and below the designs covering the windows.

I really like these designs, the way they focus on the silhouettes of each bird, but also the fact that the birds are in flight responds to the brief of creating a sculputure because it means they could be used as an airel or mobile design.

I also noticed inside the shop these pens designed using feathers like quills. I started to think about how I could use this sort of thing in my work.

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