Friday, 11 March 2011

Looking at Richard Sweeny's work

 After working with Richard Sweeny I decided to take a closer look at his work and found myself in a world of paper I never knew existed. The simple folds, curves and geometric shapes Richard uses look so simple and almost natural, like growing formations of cells or plants.

When Richard spoke about this piece he said something along the lines that he was trying to create the effect of a ribbon suspended in the air and that really is the feeling you get from looking at this fixture. I really like the freedom of it, the way it looks so light and almost like it could be a falling ribbon and gives the impression that it's moving.
The effect of cascading the piece down from the ceiling following each step down to the ground gives the impression of the paper falling, and gives it a certain elegance and venerability.

I really like the idea of creating something like this piece, using a multitude of different elements to create once piece. (note to self, buy some split pins)

The piece below was commisioned as a present for Queen Rania of Jordan as a birthday present and was created in response to the form of sandunes. The sculpture has many different distinct appearences depending on the angle it is viewed from but the response to a natural form is undeniable.

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