Saturday, 12 March 2011

Paper Sculpture

After completing the sculpture I went about trying to photograph it in a way which could be used as the main image of my poster. I didn't want to add anything to the poster, which is why I designed the piece with all of the necessary information already carved into a section, however it proved very difficult to photograph the sculpture creativly without neglecting the text.

At first I attempted to photograph the piece while it was moving

I really liked how the text doubled up, almost like a shadow but realistically this tecnique was getting me nowhere.

Using the studio space at uni I attempted to photograph again, taking advantage of the lighting and background oppertunities.

I do like these shots but I didn't feel like the text is ever all that clear. I decided to continue trying to photograph it at home.

I do like some of the photos taken but for some reason I didn't really take to any of the photos to use as a poster so I decided to take the project in another direction.

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