Friday, 11 March 2011


Today was my second workshop with Richard Sweeny, this week he focused on showing us how to fold the paper to give almost a 3D step like approach to the paper which is simple enough but took me hours to master! I really like the effect though I just wish I'd caught onto it quicker so he could have shown me how to create the same effect with a curve and varying the sizes of each section.

  Here you can see I started to work into the paper folds by cutting into different sections. The effect I was going for was that from one angle the piece seemed completely see through and exposed where as looking from the opposite side the composition still looked like a solid piece of paper.

Here you can see I continued with the same idea of cutting into the composition, but just a more complicated design. I really like the outcome, very simple yet very effective.


Here you can see the cut out pieces that I kept and used to create a further design. Very much reminds me of the Sheffield chessegrater carpark!

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